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A new view of innovation is growing around the world. This view is system based. Some experts, such as estimate that over 90% of innovation success is based on systems not people. The message is simple “If your company is not innovating, don’t blame your people, look at your systems”

What is your innovation potential?
We have created a self-assessment study in collaboration with Solvay Busines School to assess your organization in 12 different areas (see overview below).  The survey goes into some depth in all these areas and takes around 30 minutes to complete…

Self assessment link: Start Self Assessment

Areas analyzed:

Entrepreneurial Orientation
Strategic alignment
People processes
Organizational Design
Customer Focus
Ecosystem Management
Speed/Results focus
Systems to select ideas
Learning Orientation

Benefits for participating
There are 2 benefits for participating

1/. A personalized innovation benchmark report. All participants will receive a confidential 20 page report which compares their innovation potential with other companies. (Here is a sample report)

2/. Recommendations where to start. In our research we have seen there is no “one size fits all” solution. Companies need to start at the right stage for there company.

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